To make eveyone’s stay safe and enjoyable please inform all in your group of these Campground rules:

  1. All camping fees must be paid in advance. Check out is at 11 am. Unpaid campsites are reassigned for 1 pm check in. To stay beyond original booking, a credit card authorization to pay additional camping fees is required. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.
  2. All visitors and vehicles must register and pay day use fee upon entry.
  3. All vehicles must be parked in their assigned site. Please do not park in vacant campsites. Visitors may be assigned separate parking.
  4. Children must not be left unattended. Children under 14 are restricted to their campsite unless with an adult. NO POOL LIFEGAURD ON DUTY.
  5. All personal property must be stored in tent, RV or vehicle. NO TARPS.
  6. Low impact camping is expected. Tents must be moved to a different assigned site every 3 days. Keep your campsite and our facilities clean. No littering including cigarettes. All garbage must be placed in the dumpsters. No garbage or dishwashing in the restrooms. Tenters use the water spigot in the tenting area and a washbasin. Conserve water. Water restrictions are in affect. NO VEHICLE WASHING.
  7. All pets must be registered and on a leash at all times. Pets are not allowed inside our facilities. Pet owners must clean up immediately after their pet in all areas except the “pet area” located south of the campsites below the hill. Pets may be unleashed in the “pet area” but must stay within fence lines. Pets must not be left unattended. AGGRESSIVE PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO STAY.
  8. Help preserve our park. Do not damage facilities, landscaping or nature. Please do not drive or park on the grass. Put rugs, kennels or satellite dishes on the gravel only. Do not tie anything to the trees including clotheslines or pet leashes. Do not move rocks. NO OPEN FIRES.
  9. Do not disturb other guests. Quiet hours are sundown to sunup. Obey all signs and directives of campground personnel. No soliciting.
  10. Do not use the Campground phone number or mailing address for your personal use. Mail is not delivered to the Campground Receive mail by general delivery to a local post office. Delivered packages must be received by you at your site and will not be signed for at the office. Only emergency messages will be taken at the office for you.

You are responsible for your group’s, visitors’ and pets’ behavior and safety. The rules are posted in the office.
Please ask if you have any questions.

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